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British Educational System

British education has an excellent reputation over the globe. It is well respected by universities and employers from all over the world. Education in United Kingdom is a child-oriented, focuses on the well-being of the children and preparation for their future life and success. The newest teaching methodologies are implemented in British education such as Concept Based Learning, Teaching Thinking, Suggestopedia and more.

In British education the child is in the center and all activities and tasks are provided by differentiation method (each child receives task and challenges based on their abilities). Implementation of the newest technologies, teaching STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), focusing on 21st century skills and qualities is a main part of British Educational System. The British Curriculum is one going beyond the classroom developing not only children’s academic but also social, sports, music, dancing and creative skills.

Here is the British Curriculum explained by Mr. Matthew Osborn, Headmaster of British School of Sofia.