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Our GRANDE Houses Competiotion

16 Dec 2021

BSS had its GRANDE Houses Competition on Thursday, gathering pupils from Sofia and Plovdiv. Our Primary 1 students from Kraken, Dragon, Phoenix and Centaur competed in the following activities:

  • Vocal competition;
  • Sport competition;
  • Creative/ Craft competition;
  • Science, Geography and History quiz;
  • Maths challenge;
  • English challenge.

At the same time, the 4 houses with students from Grades 4 to 12 showed their best in:

  • Debating;
  • Jolly spell;
  • Creative writing;
  • Poetry;
  • History and Geography;
  • Sports;
  • STEM;
  • Languages;
  • Art.

Students were excited to receive the T-shirts distinguishing their respective house belonging and proudly wore them all day. All of them need to be little bit patient, as the results will be announced after the Winter Vacation.

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