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IGCSE Chemistry

20 Oct 2021
How hard is IGCSE Chemistry, a part of Co-ordinated Science exam and how our young students can grasp complex concepts with hands-on learning?

A lot of concepts in Chemistry might be tough to understand at first but this is absolutely normal. Especially with IGCSE Chemistry, where the topics can get really complicated and students often feel discouraged to continue to study when they do not get a grasp of them immediately. This probably happens to every student during the two-year course. Some of them pick up new topics more easily than others, but if they keep studying and practising everything becomes clear. At BSS we encourage students to not be afraid to always seek support from their teachers if they are struggling. We are trying to ensure them that being a student is not a lonely journey and they are never alone throughout this process.

There is a lot of material students have to learn and recall and this might be a challenge for many, but not an impossible one!

IGCSE Chemistry is not an easy subject but our young scientists from grade 9 created fantastic 3D model of the first 20 elements of the periodic table that they have to learn for the exam. This shows that young students can grasp complex concepts with hands-on learning which is the best way to discover periodic table trends and how to build a model periodic table of elements. Students should be able to use proton number and the simple structure of atoms to explain the basis of the Periodic Table, with special reference to the elements of proton numbers 1 to 20. Students works in small groups because socialising is a good way to balance your work and mental health.

Today the Periodic Table contains over 100 elements and is found in chemistry classes and labs around the world. One of the favourites is this online interactive table allowing students to click on each element to learn more about it.

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