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MadLab Show:Interesting Science for students

13 Oct 2021
MadLab created new science kits specially made for students and teachers. Our students from grade 7 were able to try them for the first time and engage in some thrilling experiments in the laboratory.

MadLabShow, a brand of Interesting Science created a new equipment for experiments specially made for teachers and students and provided BSS with the materials and reagents for our students.

Our lovely students from grade 7 engaged in these thrilling experiments in the laboratory with the help of our amazing science teachers, who guided them through the process and carefully explained each step.

Part of the experiments were focused on the ability of students to work independently, and another one was a demonstration by teachers.

The students were able to create fake blood, polymers warms and to understand why and how different liquids can change colour with a little help of the magic called science.

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