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The Duke of Edinburgh Award Presentation

08 Sep 2020
The Duke of Edinburgh Award was presented to the students from Grades 9 to 12. Students who have achieved Bronze level also presented their projects and adventurous journey.

The Duke of Edinburgh Award is the international award for world's leading youth achievements.

Students need to prove they have completed a course or a training and acquired a new skill from areas they have never before explored. The most important for the participants is to challenge themselves.

The PSHE course for Grade 9 and 10 of BSS will be Life and Career Skills course in order students to be able to go for the desired career. The best way to work for this is to offer to the students the Duke of Edinburgh Award. Students are expected to step on their own talents and take a challenge.

The Award has three levels - Bronze, Silver and Gold with different requirements.

As the participants have managed to complete over 50 percent of the requirements in the Duke of Edinburgh Award they are ready to undertake their Adventurous Journey- the last phase of the Award on each level.

The Adventurous Journey on level Bronze, the level on which our students from Grade 10 participates in the Award this year, means that they have spent two days and a night with their teammates in open air. 

Our Bronze level achievers presented their adventurous journey and achievements as well. The big idea behind the journey is the challenge and that participants shouldn't give up.

 Our Grade 10 participants embarked on an adventurous journey with the leader in the award and supervisor for the adventurous journey Ms Petya Ayladanova and the supervisor of the adventurous journey Mrs. Ivana Ivanova. You can read more about hteir journey here

During the presentation our students gave information about the skills they have acquired during their challenge in the Award. About their journey they shared some details, struggles they had to face throughout the journey. And the conclusion - they faced some difficulties and challenges they have never met before but are proud with themselves that they have achieved the Bronze level.

 At the end of the presentation Mrs. Boriana Bekker, Duke of Edinburgh Award Coordinator at BSS, underlined that completing a level in the Award is very important when applying for a university as it is well-recognised internationally. She also reminded the importance of life and career skills.


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