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Krakens Win in September - Primary 1

16 Sep 2020
Our first winner in the Houses Competition in our Primary 1 - Grade 1-3, is the House of Kraken. Congratulations!

Every month the four Houses in our school compete in different activities. Krakens, Dragons, Centaurs and Phoenixes are being challenged to demonstrate their best in Creativity, Academics and Sports in order to contribute to their House's win.

This month the competition in Primary 1 - Grade 1 - 3 took place on 16th of September. Students were so excited as the beginning of the new school year brought to them new friend and classmates, new class teachers and a lot of new goals to achieve.

Academics is the first field they are competing in. They have the so called Brainiac game and have to demonstrate good knowledge in Literacy and Counting.

Sports is the second field and our little sportsmen compete like real athletes in different sports activities.

And Creativity this time was as interesting and creative as no other time before - our students had to create projects with Lego and to showcase their creative engineering and architecture abilities.

Congratulations to the winners - the House of Kraken! Congratulations to all of the other participants for being brave, determined and artistic!

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