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Centaur Wins in September - School

18 Sep 2020
Our regular monthly Houses competition took place on 18th September, just before the long weekend. And the first winner for this school year - in main building - is the House of Centaur. Congratulations!

Our winners - the House of Centaur, won with a score of 175 points. Second place is divided between the Houses of Dragon and Phoenix and 4th place remains for the House of Kraken who scored 125 points. This month the competition was in Sports and our participants competed in basketball and football.

It was a lot of fun, an amazing end of the day before the log weekend. A thrilling challenge for the Houses and an attractive competition for all of the supporters.

Our contestants demonstrated real team spirit and the Houses Competition in our school  is all about team work.

Students are divided into 4 groups and thus create small communities within the bigger one - their school. They compete each month and at the end of the year the winning House is rewarded with an attractive award.


More about the Houses in BSS you can find here.

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