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Open Lesson - Y.E.T., TBL and IPC

22 Novr 2019
It was an amazing 3 in 1 open lesson in Grade 6B.

Parents learnt what we do in Y.E.T. (Youth Effectiveness Training) to become effective teens, how we make skillful decisions in TBL (Thinking Based Learning) and what journey through the history of the English language we have been on in IPC (International Primary Curriculum).

The most interesting part of the open lesson 3 in 1 was the Y.E.T. part. The Five Levels of Needs and what an I-message is. 

Different stages of TBL lesson and learning were defined in some of the presentations in TBL. 

Our students presented to their parents some Shakespeare's words and demonstrated good knowledge of different periods in English language history - Old English, Middle English, Early Modern English and Modern English. The topic The Story of English was in IPC lessons.

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