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Debating Skills and Competitions

21 Novr 2019
Students from Grade 11 demonstrated what debating is and conducted a workshop on real topics.

Students from Grade 11 presented the World Scholar’s Cup – international challenge for students a part of which is a debating competition. More about our teams’ participation you can find in our Blog and School Life News section as in the In the Spotlight section. After the presentation our dedicated 11 Graders made a workshop on debating skills.

Our young debaters from Grade 7 demonstrated strong positions and good argumentations.

They had to think on these topics:

Should girls be actively encouraged to enter STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, mathematics)?

Studying a second language should be compulsory?

The “correct” knowledge is what everyone tells us is right?

Should we believe everything we see?

It was wonderful to see how the continuity in our school happens. Older students teach younger ones and share their valuable experience with good examples, encouraging and guidance. Soon you will have the chance to see a video from the class in our Blog section.

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