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Welcome back to school!

09 Sep 2019
School year 2019/2020 at BSS started in the new building.

“Welcome to our new building. This is the start of the new chapter for BSS”, said Mr. Matthew Osborn, Headmaster of BSS at the official opening of the school year 2019/2020 at BSS’s new building. “The start of the new school year in the new building is a celebration of everything that BSS stands for. Our academic results from last year were fantastic, both IGCSE and IB, and that is down to very dedicated children, involved parents and teachers who care. For us those are the things that count when it comes to a very successful and good school”, added Mr. Osborn

He explained that we, at BSS know that all of our students will learn and enjoy being at our new building and will be the people we want them to be and their parents want them to be.

“We look forward to moving on - we want to grow, we want to get better. The next part of our journey starts here – in our new building”, said Mr. Matthew Osborn.

 “Have a happy and successful year! Do take advantage of everything the school can offer in terms of educational standards and activities”, said H. E. Emma Hopkins, the Ambassador of United Kingdom.

“We are thrilled that each year the school goes from strength to strength and each year we have more students studying here from different countries and we have such wonderful fluent English speakers", she added.        

H.E. Ambassador Hopkins acknowledged the good reputation and academic results of BSS: “Last year’s academic results are a fantastic tribute to the very strong education that children get at this school. Many students went to study in the best universities in the UK and across Europe so this school continues to give the best opportunities in the future for your children”.

“I am pleased to see such a strong educational offer in English overseas and that is what BSS does now”, said also Ambassador Hopkins.

 Students, parents, teachers and academic and administrative staff were all thrilled with the beginning of the new school year especially the new building of BSS. They all gathered together in the school yard and garden to celebrate the occasion and wish each other a successful and wonderful year ahead. The new vuilding is situated on 21, Georgi Raychev Str.

“Your children are in the best place they could be. We are very happy to see you as always. Welcome to the new parents – welcome to our family and welcome to the adventure that your child will now take with us as a school!”, said Mr. Matthew Osborn, Headmaster of BSS at the new school year ceremony at BSS Infant School (Kindergarten and KS1). We are committed to make sure that the children learn and grow as people and individuals – for us this is the most important thing, added Mr. Osborn. “I really look forward to a fantastic and productive year”, said Mr. Osborn.

“I would like to thank you deeply for your trust. This school year everything is going to be splendid”, said Mrs. Radostina Dancheva, Head of Infant School. Mrs. Dancheva recalled that mistakes are the only way to grow and learn and if there are no mistakes, there is no learning. She personally said “Thank you” to all the teachers from Kindergarten and Infant School for their work and commitment.

Pupils, teachers, and staff are ready to start another wonderful year, marked by the 10th anniversary of the school! 

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