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British School of Sofia Students Shine at the BEST Foundation’s West Bulgaria Tournament

11 Novr 2023

In November 2023, students from the British School of Sofia (BSS) showcased their debating and public speaking skills at the West Bulgaria Tournament, an esteemed event organized by the BEST Foundation. Held in Blagoevgrad on the 11th and 12th of November, the competition brought together talented students from across the region for a weekend of intense debating and speech activities.

The BSS team, comprising four students, demonstrated remarkable cooperation and skill. Notably, this was the first experience in such a format for most team members, with only one participant having prior exposure to a similar competition. Their participation was a testament to their dedication and hard work, particularly considering the rigorous academic commitments of students in the IGCSE 2 and IB 2 programs, who are generally advised not to participate in such competitions due to their demanding exam schedules.

This unique team was brought together by the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and the CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service) program, integral to the IB curriculum. The school recognizes such events as not only competitions but also as opportunities for service, enabling students to assist and prepare their peers for future challenges. This collaborative spirit was evident as previous year’s participants supported and guided the current team, embodying the ethos of mutual help and community that BSS fosters.

The competition, divided into Novice and Varsity categories, saw the BSS team compete in the Varsity division, demonstrating their proficiency in American-style debating and speech. The event is part of the BEST Foundation’s biannual tournaments, which aim to promote American diction and public speaking standards in Bulgaria.

Despite not securing awards this time, the BSS team’s efforts were nothing short of commendable. Their participation highlighted the school’s commitment to developing essential skills in its students, such as critical thinking, public speaking, and debate. These skills are integral to the BSS’s English language curriculum, which focuses not only on academic excellence but also on practical, real-world applications.

As a token of appreciation and recognition of their hard work, the school has decided to award the students a certificate of appreciation. This gesture not only celebrates their participation but also acknowledges the significant effort and progress they have made. It’s a recognition of the value that BSS places on the learning process and personal development, over and above winning.

The tournament was an enriching experience for the BSS students, allowing them to engage with peers from across West Bulgaria and immerse themselves in an environment of healthy competition and intellectual challenge. It was an opportunity for them to apply the skills honed in their classrooms and through the guidance of their teachers and fellow students.

As the British School of Sofia continues to nurture and develop these future leaders and thinkers, participation in events like the BEST Foundation’s West Bulgaria Tournament remains a vital part of their educational journey. It is through such experiences that students learn to navigate the complexities of the world with confidence, skill, and a spirit of collaboration.

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