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Building skills and confidence: Ana Maria Vasile's Microsoft experience

23 May 2023

The IB program prioritizes career readiness and facilitates a seamless transition to university for our students. Recently, we had the pleasure of hearing from Ana Maria Vasile, a member of our BSS community who graduated in May 2020 and is currently interning at Microsoft. She shared her internship experiences on an online meeting as she joined from the UK.

Ana's talk resonated with our students as she reassured them that failure is a natural part of the learning process and should not be feared. She encouraged them to extract valuable lessons from setbacks and to persevere. Additionally, Ana discussed the practical aspects of university life, including the mundane responsibilities and the need to develop self-care and time management skills.

Notably, Ana provided detailed insights into the skills she has acquired during her Microsoft internship, offering our students a glimpse into the professional world and the potential opportunities that lie ahead. Her journey from an IB program graduate to a Microsoft intern showcased the real-world application of their ongoing skill development.

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