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BSS students visited XIII Sofia Science Festival

11 May 2023

During the first day of their visit, our kids took part in recycling paper workshop. They discovered intriguing facts, such as the challenge of recycling juice boxes due to their multiple layers, and why receipts cannot be recycled due to the ink's oil content. Additionally, they were able to take part in a demonstration of the process of recycling paper. 

To make the experience even more enriching, two enthusiastic students from the Sofia University Faculty of Physics graciously switched to English and eagerly shared their knowledge. The pupils engaged in interactive activities like communicating through cups and wire, while also gaining insights into fundamental principles of physics. The demonstrations added an extra touch of excitement to their learning journey. 

The event as a whole was an opportunity for them to explore the wonders of science and technology through hands-on workshops, inspiring lectures, and captivating science shows. 

Led by experts in their respective fields, these workshops provided students with an opportunity to explore their curiosity, develop new skills, and conduct their own experiments.

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