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International Press Freedom Day - Topic of the BSS morning assembly

03 May 2023

The field of journalism is not an easy one, especially in times when everyone can cover an event with their smart phone. Social networks are a major source of news, but how much can their credibility be trusted?

On this International Press Freedom Day, two journalists from the Bulgarian editorial office of Euronews were special guests at the BSS: the anchor Marina Mateva, with many years of experience in national media, and the young reporter Yuliyan Stoyanov. They attended the morning assembly of the students from 5th to 8th Grade and then met the BSS Kindergarten children and the students from 1st to 4th grade. 

The two journalists talked about their professional challenges, interesting encounters and reports from different places around the world. They also drew attention to the need for critical thinking when perceiving social media news as credible.

Host Marina Mateva reminded that the key rule for journalists is to verify information from at least two independent sources, and everything is often shared on the internet. This is why there is so much fake news that becomes popular and is often perceived as credible.

In the kindergarten some of the children were inspired by the presentation of the guests from Euronews Bulgaria and even managed to make their first attempts in front of a camera with a microphone. When asked, "Who wants to become a journalist?" a sea of hands shot up in response.

Who knows, maybe at least one child today was inspired to choose this profession as their future career?

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