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"Powerful Women" come to empower at BSS - A New School Project

10 May 2023

At the British School of Sofia, we strongly believe in the importance of providing our students with inspirational role models who can help guide them in their career paths. With this in mind, we regularly invite successful and renowned personalities to speak to our students about their experiences, challenges, and opportunities.

This year, we are proud to launch a new school project called "Powerful Women", which aims to showcase accomplished and inspiring women from various fields. Our first guest speaker for this initiative was Kristina Veroslavova, a famous actress and producer. Kristina, who holds a Business degree from the University of Birmingham, has been a part of several popular Bulgarian series and even had a cameo role in Amazon's Jack Ryan. 

During her visit, Kristina shared her journey with our 9th and 11th-grade students and talked about how she transitioned from being a global model to pursuing her true passion for acting. She emphasized the importance of finding one's vocation and encouraged our students to follow their dreams relentlessly until they find their path to fulfillment and happiness.

Our students were thoroughly engaged and curious to learn more about her experiences and the famous actors she worked with. In fact, two of our fifth-grade students, even stepped into the role of BSS reporters to conducted an interview.

We are excited to continue our "Powerful women" initiative and have planned meetings with other accomplished women. Next week, we are eagerly anticipating a visit from the crew of a new Bulgarian film. At BSS, we are dedicated to providing our students with diverse and enriching experiences that can inspire and shape their lives.

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