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Grade 2 IPC Presentations: Buildings

13 Jan 2023

The last topic that our 2nd graders worked on in their IPC classes was “Buildings”. They started the topic with a short trip in Sofia observing the buildings in the city.

As usual, every topic ends with presentations of the students’ projects in front of their parents. They worked in teams researching different problems related to buildings and their respective solutions. 

Do you ask yourself those questions:

  • Do you know how to test the strength of buildings?
  • What are the strong materials that you can use to build “healthy” (as the students say) buildings?
  • What are the landslides?
  • How to prevent your houses from damages caused by earthquakes, floods and landslides?
  • Do you know that floods can be divided into 3 groups?

Well, our students did and they had very bright responses too! 




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