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Science Week: How to Grow a Plant?

14 Mar 2022
British Science Week is is a ten-day celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths. This year's team is Growth.

At BSS we started with our youngest pupils - they had a lesson about the basic and additional needs of a plant to grow.

Let us see if we all know them ... Air, water, soil and light were easy to be recognised as basic needs of the plants to grow, nonetheless our clever students did not miss to mention also music and love as additional :) 

Not only that, but now they have the task to grow their own Grass Buddies. They need to water them every morning and make sure that they are exposed to enough light. The most exciting part was when they had to name their Buddies ... we have very original names such as Water mouse, Kitty-cat, Sunshine, Snowflake.

We promise to follow their commitment to the task and show you the results!

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