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Coffee Afternoon with the Counsellor

08 Dec 2020
Great atmosphere of parents sharing to parents – an online Coffee Afternoon with the Counsellor of the Kindergarten took place on 8th of December.

It was really good to see parents discussing their own experience and sharing thoughts with parents in the same situation. The situation at the moment with so many children (and parents) having to stay at home is frustrating and this makes us feel we don’t have control over the situation.

Motivation of children of younger age seems to be the biggest challenge parents are facing during online schooling. And when they grow up, it becomes easier, parents commented.

Being well-informed about the organisation of the school day and the activities that are going to take place keeps parents relaxed and not under pressure.

Mrs Maria Kartova, counsellor at BSS, responsible for the Kindergarten, underlined the need of keeping the idea in children’s minds that there is still school – this is important as it builds the feeling for certainty. Seeing their teachers and hearing their voices keeps the bond, established during the face-to-face schooling.

Our teachers advised to keep the children more comfortable in front of the screen.

The importance of rules and rituals was something both parents and teachers, and counsellor focused on – strict regulations of screen time and keeping strictly break times – and break times not only for children, but for parents as well. The structure of the day is also something, children need to stay focused and to be motivated to take part in activities – in terms of strict bed time as well.

Parents underlined the positive result of online schooling – they have a closer view of the educational process, especially for the kids in Kindergarten as they often help. They can also see the progress. And some parents of children from Pre-Nursery and Nursery 1 shared they even enjoy the process of being in an online class, as they have some nice and relaxing time form everyday working schedules and routines.

The celebration of small success becomes a milestone in a challenging situation like home schooling.

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