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Puppet Theatre - The Little Tooth

15 Oct 2020
Our students from the Kindergarten enjoyed a performance - a puppet theatre The Little Tooth.


On the 15th of October our little ones had special guest - a puppet theatre performer with an incredible educational and entertaining performance. 

The Little Tooth is a funny story about a little tooth that liked sweets very much but who didn’t have any idea about toothbrushes and suchlike. Then one day... after a big feast on many, many candies and a gigantic chocolate for desert the worst happened – the small creatures that harm teeth – the cavities, arrived.
The Little Tooth was in big trouble!!! Who could help The Little Tooth? Somebody, who knows all about teeth – the dentist, of course. He will fix the problem and while having fun with our heroes, the children will learn how important it is to take care of our teeth in order to stay healthy.

Amazed children's faces, smiles and a lot of fun - this was the result at the end of the day. The story was very enlightening and children loved it. 

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