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Anti-Bullying Week

16 Novr 2020
Anti-Bullying Week started on 16th of November and during the whole week students were involved in different initiatives under the slogan "United against bullying".

The idea behind the Anti-Bullying Week is to stand against every form of bullying and rude behaviour and with our shared efforts to reduce mean attitude and bullying not only at school but in our every day lives and all around us. This year we celebrate Respect and Acceptance under the theme “United against bullying”. 

Anti-Bullying Week started with the Odd Socks Day - students could wear odd socks to school to highlight that we are all unique.

In line with the theme to be united pupils from our main building prepared together with Ms. Dimana, our Art Teacher, a string of national flags, attached to each other and it is hanging down the staircase in the building. It will remind us every day that we are all coming from different parts of the world and should respect each other no matter the country, race or nationality we are coming from. 

During our PSHE lessons we expanded the notion of "staying united" against mistreatment and verbal and non-verbal agression in schools.

"United means being together. ... This is what unity makes - it makes you stronger and no one will be able to break you when you are together", explained Mrs. Radostina Dancheva, leader of Primary 1, during a PSHE lesson. 


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