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Summer School has Started

21 Jun 2021
BSS Summer School has started. Children from different nations and of different age come to learn English, to make new friendships, while having fun.

The first week of the Summer School started with some Experimental Science lessons in the Kindergarten.

Mrs Pavlina, our IGCSE and IB Science Teacher, and Ms Polly, Lab Technician visited the Kindergarten and demonstrated some incredibly interesting experiments to the young learners.

Our children are divided into groups depending on their age - children up to 6 years attend Summer School in the Kindergarten, 7 years and older attend the programme in the Primary 1 building on Ekaterina Nencheva Str.

BSS Summer School programme is diverse and includes not only lessons in English, but Robotics, Science, Chess, Art, Design and Technology, Adventures to Vitosha, etc.

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