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Thinking Week

08 Jun 2020
BSS Thinking Week started on 8th June. 

BSS Thinking Week (8 - 12 June) is an annual event that focuses on thinking in education - an approach of teaching and learning that activates students' potential in generating, organising and analysing their ideas.

Though conducted online different activities connected to Thinking-Based Learning (TBL) were organised throughout the week and students had the chance to show in practice what their thinking habits are. The instructional model TBL is focusing on different thinking skills and habits of mind, all in the context of the regular curriculum.

British School of Sofia is the first certified Thinking School in Bulgaria.

Every year we organise a dedicated event focused on TBL as an important part of our approaches of teaching and learning.
Last year our special guest at our Thinking Fair was Mr. Robert Swartz, Director of the National Center for Teaching Thinking, USA. "Now I can show teachers all over the world how the teaching has changed and how students are responding. I saw many students who are sharing ideas to make learning better and thinking better", commented Mr. Robert Swartz in an interview during the Thinking Week 2019.

During English lesson our students from Grade 6 A and 6 B used visual tool called Double Bubble Map to define similarities and differences between Classroom Learning and Online Learning. And the conclusion is: They learn the same things in a different way.

BSS Thinking Week continued in Grade 1 with the topic "Poster" in ICT. The kids had a task to think about “What I used to know” and “What I know now” about what is a poster. They worked in teams and shared their ideas. Then they made a list on the board and started creating their posters about our Summer School.

Grade 2 students have been working on the IPC topic: "The stories people tell". They were exploring ancient Egyptian gods like a metaphor. Understanding the choice of the animal led to conclusions like: People choose gods with animal heads to keep them safe and happy. The people choose animals for gods to help them.

Grade 4 students explored the Active Planet and the wonders of Natural Disasters
of similarities and differences two of the Deadliest World Disasters - Earthquakes and Volcanoes.
It was BSS Thinking Week and the emphasis was on helping students think critically about the information they are getting.
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