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Welcome BBQ Party and Parent-Teacher Meeting

14 Sep 2019
School year 2019/2020 began and the first big event for our community was the welcome BBQ party.

The event took place on 14th of September in our new school building. We would like to thank all the parents that accepted our invitation and not only were present at the BBQ but contributed with traditional national food. This is how we emphasize on our international environment.

During the Welcome BBQ different ECAs (Extracurricular activities) were demonstrated. Amongst the activities were fencing and archery. 

All the children had a lot of fun with the face painting and the opportunity to sing their favourite songs. 

The General Parent-Teacher meeting - the first for this school year, took place in BSS Hall. A lot of parents were there to hear not only the official announcements but the great results our students have achieved during the last school year.

Thank you very much for attending the event!

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