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Charity Project with Cedar Foundation

12 Jun 2019
Students from Grade 11 met with representatives of Cedar foundation and handed out the sum of 1500 lv.

The money was raised during the charity initiatives this school year. 

Our dedicated students made paper roses for the 8th of March which were sold with pre-order. There were many charity Bake Slaes during the school year that supported the project with Cedar Foundation as well.

At the beginning of the school year students from the British School Of Sofia (BSS) and the RAF Icarus FC - Royal Air Force Officers' Football Team took part in a fun sports and social activity that aimed to build  rapport with disadvantaged children from the Cedar Social Centre in Kyustendil.

Just before Christmas students from 12th and 4th grade, together with chef Ivan Manchev, prepared delicious sandwiches that were sold on our charity bazaar at the Christmas celebration. After that students from the school and children from the Cedar Social Centre in Kyustendil made beautiful Christmas craft and cards.

The celebration for 1st of June that our 11-graders organised for the younger children at school and their families was the final event from the charity calendar for this school year. Some of the money raised during the event were also given to Cedar Foundation.

This initiative is part of the IB Diploma Programme - CAS project and shows that BSS education is not only about academics, but about the whole student. 

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