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Thinking Fair 2019

11 Jun 2019
What I saw today was beyond what I was expecting, said Mr. Robert Swartz at the opening of Thinking Fair 2019.

"I can show teachers all over the world how the teaching has changed and how students are responding. I saw many students who are sharing ideas to make learning better and thinking better.", added Mr. Robert Swartz, Director of the National Center for Teaching Thinking, USA. He was our special guest during this year's Thinking Fair that took place on 11 - 12th of June 2019.

Mr. Swartz was more than delighted to see what our school has achieved so far in implementing Thinking-Based learning as a teaching and learning approach. "I am gonna show to people the wonderful things that students and teachers are doing to become better students and teachers", also said Mr. Swartz. He took pictures and promised to promote our fair amongst teachers and students all over the world.

This year's fair was open for parents and many of them had the opportunity to see in practice what exactly TBL is. There were different corners in the classrooms displaying the different types of thinking and learning by using thinking maps. Classrooms of Grades 3 were The Thinkers Rooms; Grade 4 have chosen to display Visual Maps. Grades 5 turned their classrooms into Thinking-Based learning room and BSS Keys to Success room. All the attendees to the fair were able to see a demonstration in Thinking is Language Learning in Grade 6. Both classrooms of Grades 7 were Top-Down Classification room and De Bono room. Students from Grade 8 demonstrated a Compare and Contrast map of English vs. Maths. And there was a TBL Science Demonstration lesson in Grade 9.

There was a possibility to watch TBL lessons in our dedicated cinema - the Gym. On the football pitch we had 2 corners - Theory of Knowledge (TOK) corner and Y.E.T. (Youth Effectiveness Training) corner. 

Here is what Mr. Robert Swartz shared in an interview soon to be found on our blog section:


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