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A Taste of Tradition: British School of Sofia Celebrates Arabic Cultural Week with Grand Breakfast

22 Jan 2024

The British School of Sofia recently culminated its Arabic Cultural Week with a grand Arabic Breakfast, marking a high point in its calendar of international cultural events. This event served as a celebration of Arabic cuisine and a vibrant showcase of cultural exchange and learning.

As the sun rose over the school grounds, the aroma of Arabic coffee infused with cardamom wafted through the air, mingling with the sweet scent of dates and an array of savoury dishes. The breakfast spread was a kaleidoscope of colours and flavours, offering a glimpse into the rich culinary heritage of the Arabic world.

The highlight of the event was the presence of students dressed as an Arabic Prince and Princess. Their roles went beyond mere representation; they actively engaged with guests, pouring drinks and sharing stories about the significance of each dish. This interaction was charming and educational, providing insights into Arabic customs and hospitality.

The Arabic Cultural Week and its concluding breakfast are a testament to the British School of Sofia's dedication to fostering global citizenship and intercultural understanding among its students. Through such events, the school continues to provide a platform for cultural immersion, allowing students to explore and celebrate the rich tapestry of world cultures.

As the breakfast ended and students returned to their classes, the memories of the event lingered. The Arabic Breakfast was more than just a meal; it was a journey through taste, tradition, and cultural appreciation, leaving a lasting impression on all who participated.

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