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Rescue is the Kindest Act of Love: BSS Students Embrace Compassion in Action

20 Oct 2023

The corridors of the British School of Sofia (BSS) are not just pathways between classes; they've become avenues leading to compassionate action. The spirit of change kindled during our impactful "Find A Cause Day" gave a solid start to Student Council Members Anna and Ellie's heartfelt campaign: "Rescue is the Kindest Act of Love". Now, this initiative is changing lives within and beyond our school walls.

On the 20th of October, three wagging tails greeted our students in the school gym. Terry Kyle, the inspiring founder of "Every Dog Matters," graced our premises for the second time this month with three ex-stray dogs accompanying him, embodying rehabilitation's success and the power of a forever home.

This interaction wasn't merely an opportunity for our students to pet and play with these lovable canines. It was a workshop that amalgamated empathy with action. For thirty enriching minutes, our dedicated students brainstormed, their young minds buzzing with ideas for charity campaigns to support the shelter's invaluable work. This session wasn't just about fleeting support but laying a foundation for a sustainable practice and a long-standing partnership.

The outcome was transformative. Roots of responsibility, care, and community service took hold in young minds. Students actively created awareness posters, debunking misconceptions about stray dogs with drawings and pictures that will adorn our school walls, reminding us daily of our commitment to those who speak in barks and wags.

The well-being of students and the visiting canines was a priority during the visit. The teachers helped Terry supervise the kids' interactions with the dogs, ensuring a safe, enriching experience for all. It demystified fears and prejudices surrounding stray animals, highlighting their need for love and care.

In the spirit of proactive compassion, our students have outlined the next steps in their journey of giving:

  1. Organizing fundraisers during our upcoming Halloween events, turning festivities into a beacon of hope for the shelter.
  2. Scheduling visits to the shelter post-fall vacation, allowing students to witness firsthand the difference they're making.
  3. Contributing through on-site volunteering activities - walking the dogs, feeding them, or simply giving them the love they deserve.
  4. Cementing this initiative as a consistent practice

We at BSS believe in transforming empathy into action. Interested in joining this cause? We're organizing groups for shelter visits and volunteering activities. Sign up using the form below and join an incredible movement.

Volunteer Sign-up Form

As we proceed, we remain steadfast in our mission to educate and nurture conscientious global citizens. "Find A Cause Day" set the stage for The Student Council's initiative "Rescue is the Kindest Act of Love", which won't be a singular event but the beginning of a journey. It is a journey of kindness, responsibility, and genuine change, and every step taken by our students is a step towards a more empathetic world. At BSS, we're not just shaping minds but moulding hearts.


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