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A Spirited Clash of Minds and Talents: The House Competition at Our School

19 Dec 2023

A Day of Diverse Challenges

The corridors of our school echoed with excitement and friendly rivalry as we hosted our annual house competition. In a vibrant display of skills and teamwork, students from all grades came together, representing their respective houses - Kraken, Phoenix, Centaur, and Dragon. This year's competition was a diverse blend of academic and creative challenges, ensuring every student could shine in their area of strength.

Language Mastery in Multilingual Showdowns

In room 1506, a unique language challenge unfolded. Students had to describe a winter-themed image in five languages: French, German, Spanish, Russian, and Bulgarian. The activity not only tested their linguistic abilities but also their cultural insights into winter festivities. Meanwhile, in room 1311, a 'Wheel of Fortune' game in German and French had participants guessing words in categories ranging from family to famous people. The atmosphere was electric as each spin brought a new challenge.

A Mathematical Twist on a Festive Tune

In an extraordinary math challenge, students engaged in an abstract problem modelled on the "Twelve Days of Christmas" carol. The twist? No numbers were involved! This innovative approach to mathematics saw our students applying their logical and creative thinking skills in unison.

Art and Humanities: Creative and Intellectual Explorations

The art room transformed into a festive workshop with an origami lucky star competition. Students meticulously crafted Christmas trees from origami stars, showcasing their artistic talents. In the humanities segment, students delved into history and geography, answering questions that spanned centuries and continents.

Dynamic Debates and Creative Writing

The debate competition saw the houses divided into teams, with topics revolving around school life and study subjects. The dynamic format made it particularly thrilling - teams had about a minute to adjust their arguments after an opposing member spoke.

The creative writing challenge was equally stimulating. Teams were given the beginning of a holiday story and had one hour to craft an exciting narrative with a beginning, middle, and unexpected end.

WonderWorld Building Activities

In the WonderWorld Building, younger students engaged in maths, crafts, and a Q&A knowledge testing game, demonstrating their enthusiasm and creativity.

Final Results!

Our wonderful WonderWorld Kids, grades 1-4, crowned house Kraken as the winner, with Centaur and Phoenix drawing a tie for the second place and the Dragons placing in third place. 

The Main Building students, grades five and up, had a slightly different result, with Phoenix in the lead, Kraken in second place, Centaur in third, and Dragon coming last in fourth place. 

Decidedly, this is not the year of the Dragon... however, our students have proven time and again their incredible resilience. The dragons will rise, that is for sure; we just can't wait to see how they go about it in the next competition!

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