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A different day in BSS Kindergarten focused on the climate change

11 May 2023

Today we celebrated World Climate change Day with a presentation and board games involving the children from the pre-schooland BSS Primary (Grade 1, 2 and 3) at the British School of Sofia.

Our special guest was Miss Jenny from Replantica who sparked the children's interest in the topic with questions about endangered animals, forest conservation and climate change. Afterwards, everyone took part in collective board games, with teams "planting trees", "watering crops" and caring for animals.

They were helped to „restore a lost forest“ and „rescue animals“ by several seventh graders who also found it fun to spend time with the younger ones.

World Climate change Day (official date - 15 May) aims to focus people's attention on climate change due to human activity. This theme is particularly relevant to the British School of Sofia, where many of the students are engaging in environmental projects to inspire their peers to find their own ways to help protect the environment.

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