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School Year: Health Measures

07 Sep 2020
A full health and safety report has been done to ensure that the safety and well-fare of students is ensured upon returning to school.

This report takes into consideration both the most up-to-date Bulgarian and the UK guidelines, and in many cases we have chosen to go above and beyond the minimum required standards.

BSS goes above and beyond when it comes to health and safety. We have invested in the most modern technology for every single classroom. Each room will be equipped with an ozone purification device that kills bacteria and also virus.

The ozone purification device is completely harmless and very quiet. It will not interrupt the teaching and learning process and it is the most modern technology to purify air not only from viruses including the SARS COV 2 but also from allergens.

Travel to/from School

School vehicles will be disinfected daily.

School drivers, staff and students must wear masks/ shields and will be asked to disinfect their hands upon entering and leaving vehicles. (we will ensure spray disinfectants and drivers will spray it on the hands of each student).

Drivers will check temperature upon picking up students in the morning.

If you use public transport, please wear a face-covering at all times and follow the government guidelines.

Students are encouraged to travel with the same family members to/ from school.

Upon arrival

A thorough filter will be applied to students and all staff members, during which the designated health and safety person will be checking temperatures, as well as general well-being (including runny noses, throats etc.).

Anyone entering the building will pass through a disinfection mat that is placed on the floor at the entrance and a thermal display which measure the temperature.

Anyone with symptoms will be isolated immediately follow the guidance from the Regional Health Inspection Agency. Following this a full chemical disinfection of the areas where the person has been will take place.  For students, the parents will be informed to collect the child immediately. The parent must then contact their doctor. The doctor must provide a medical note confirming that they can return to school. All staff will be asked to present a medical document to return.

During the day

Disinfection to take place minimum twice a daily and in more frequented areas as appropriate.

Regular hand washing will be encouraged, and hand sanitizer will be placed around the buildings.

We will promote the ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ approach, to ensure good respiratory hygiene.

Enhance cleaning, including cleaning frequently touched surfaces more often.

Staff will be vigilant about students who become unwell during the day and also regarding personal hygiene. 

All staff will have been advised during the “Covid-19 health and safety meeting” on first signs and symptoms of Covid-19.

Staff will open the windows during break times and encourage outside learning where appropriate

Isolation rooms are designated in every building; should there be cases during the day, the school will isolate the child/ staff member. The appropriate people will be contacted. A full disinfection will take place and regular disinfection will be increased to 4 times a day for at least a week.

At the end of the day

Parents are asked to collect their children promptly and avoid congregating around the collection points.

Masks/ Shields:  

These should be worn by:

1. All visitors;

2. Teachers teaching in different classes;

3. Teachers in communal inside areas;

4. Grade 7-12 students in communal inside areas;

5. On school buses;

Do not have to be worn by

1. Students KG-Grade 6;

2. Teachers teaching in one class only (Class teachers);

NB: students / staff CAN wear them if they decide to

Staff responsibilities

Staff are all given instructions for how to identify early symptoms of Covid from the school. They are expected to inform the medical person and safeguarding officer for the building should they have any concerns.

Staff are expected to follow all the measures and recommendations outlined.

Parent responsibilities

If you find that your child has Covid-19, you are obliged to inform the school Headmaster, He will then be responsible for contacting the Regional Health Inspection Agency and informing of the case and giving the list of names of anyone that person has been in contact with (less than 2m for more than 15 minutes without a mask/shield). He will then inform the parents of the current instructions from them. Do not send your child to school if they present any symptoms of COVID-19.

If families are traveling, please follow the guidance set out by the ministry of health regarding necessary quarantine

We ask parents to provide students with hand sanitizer and masks/face-coverings.

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