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Workshop "Bread in the Dark"

23 Novr 2019
Students from grade 11 visited the bakery workplace “Hlebna Kasta Sofia” for a workshop “Bread in the dark”.

Kneading in the dark is an exciting and valuable experience for young people. It allows a meaningful social interaction in an non conventional setting. Reflecting on who we are and what we believe in, is inevitable especially when we are surrounded by others, who due to their physiological limitation provide us with a different viewpoint on essential questions in life. 

“Hlebna kasta” holds workshops devoted to issues with personal, social and/or global significance. One of the bakery’s initiatives is the workshop “Bread in the dark”. On this workshop our students are going to knead in the dark in collaboration with young adults who can not see. 

This year’s workshop is themed ‘People moving. Across borders’. The activity is in line with two core subjects in the IB Diploma Programme, Creativity Activity and Service and Theory of Knowledge.

Here is a video from the workshop:

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