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A Virtual Encounter with Innovation: BSS Hosts FinTech Pioneer Alice Nawfal

15 Jan 2024

In a remarkable addition to our Business Week proceedings, the British School of Sofia was honoured to host a virtual meeting with Alice Nawfal, a distinguished figure in the world of Financial Technology (FinTech). As the Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Notabene, Ms Nawfal brought to our students a wealth of knowledge derived from her extensive experience in the transformative realm of blockchain and digital identity solutions.

Alice Nawfal, an alumnus of the prestigious Harvard Kennedy School of Government and the Wharton School, epitomises the spirit of modern entrepreneurship. Her journey, marked by stints at Bain & Co. and uPort, culminates in her current role at Notabene. Here, she leads efforts to navigate the complex regulatory landscapes of the cryptocurrency sector, demonstrating a commitment to safe and ethical financial innovation.

During the session, Ms Nawfal engaged our students in discussions on the challenges and triumphs of starting a business during the tumultuous times of a global pandemic. Her narrative was about creating a company and fostering a culture that thrives on diversity, curiosity, and authenticity. This was particularly resonant, given our school's emphasis on cultivating these very values in our students.

One of the most impactful aspects of Ms. Nawfal's discourse was her perspective on leadership and cultivating a global team. Her approach to breaking down complex problems and encouraging transparent communication offered our students invaluable insights into effective leadership and teamwork in the modern business environment.

As our students prepare to navigate a rapidly evolving digital landscape, encounters like these are crucial. They provide not just theoretical knowledge but real-world perspectives from individuals who are shaping the future of industries. Alice Nawfal's session was a testament to the power of education, ambition, and the courage to innovate.

The British School of Sofia sincerely thanks Ms Nawfal for her time and the profound insights she shared. As we continue to expose our students to such pioneering figures, we reaffirm our commitment to providing a comprehensive and forward-thinking education.

For more information on Alice Nawfal’s work and Notabene, please visit here and here.

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