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Leading by Example: How to Contribute to the Preservation of Our Planet

24 Apr 2023

Isabelle, Britney and Lia have been passionately working on something and it was time to share it with the world.

In honor of "Earth Day" the 11th-grade students organized a non-uniform day and encouraged their fellow pupils to wear clothes in earth-like colours as a way of showing their appreciation for the planet and the natural environment.

On April 24th, the entire school convened for a General Assembly to kick off the "Save the Earth Project," during which they presented their ideas and strategies for environmental conservation.

As objectives for both students and teachers they set adopting self-discipline in reducing, reusing, and recycling resources, and cultivating environmentally-friendly habits. The project focuses on minimizing the causes of environmental issues originating from schools, such as excessive paper printing and plastic waste.


It was only the beginning of an ongoing, long term-project..

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