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Erasmus Days at British School of Sofia

13 Oct 2022
British School of Sofia hosted a presentation and an exhibition on the challenges, achievements and results of the S.C.H.O.O.L.+ Project co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

Representatives of the Bulgarian Erasmus+ National Agency - Human Resource Development Centre, the BSS owner, BSS Academic Board and the BSS Community: students, parents, and teachers, presented the event.

The project aim was to create a new model of education with respect to educational spaces, curriculum, methodology and community, where the student becomes the centre of their own learning process.

The presentation started with all students participating in the project highlighting how the whole process contributed to developing important skills such as collaboration, communication with different people and cultures, project management, self-discipline, leadership, critical thinking, problem solving, , etc. It was indeed valuable to understand from their perspective what impact working on this project had in their lives and future career development.

The students themselves explained what the project was about and presented the timeline of the events throughout this almost 2 years. The project introduced a new self-conscious approach to the current effects of globalisation and pollution, students agreed on adding various interior and exterior learning spaces and that the education should be prompting to enlarge the scope of subjects related to real life cases. We were pleased to see how proud they are with themselves, their achievements and their growth.

After that, our Erasmus coordinator Ms Iliyana Nenova went us through the virtual exhibition and the challenges the team had especially with the pandemic circumstances and how this changed the initial plans of meetings and discussions face-to-face and working on the prototype of the school of 21st century. “Given the situation with the pandemic we would agree that we brought the results even further than expected of the participants of the three schools especially considering the development of certain personal and social skills and competences applicable to both academic and real life context, teachers included.”

The S.C.H.O.O.L.+ Project was very close to our hearts and BSS team worked с голяabout it as its main idea and aim matches our school vision, which is “Inspiring Students to Create and Shape the World of Tomorrow”.

And here, there is no better to conclude this experience than with the words of Angiras, grade 12: “Only when you try, succeed or fail, you understand about yourself, understand who you are as a person and you learn from that, and you condition yourself to be a person you want to be in the future”.

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