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School Trip: Institute of Optical Materials and Technologies

14 Oct 2022

Our grade 12 students who study IB Physics just finished the theory part from their Optional choice on Imaging. To recall and reflect on what they have learned they visited the Institute of Optical Materials and Technologies (IOMT) “Academician Jordan Malinowski” in Sofia.

The students explored how the scientists are recording holographic optical elements, data storage, recording of monochrome and multicolor art holograms using CW lasers. The bright scientists were very kind to show many laboratories and to explain the science behind each modern apparatus they used in their daily researches.

At the institute the students observed human red cells under Atomic force microscopy. They also visited the  experimental laboratory and explore the High Resolution Scanning Transmission electron microscope, bright field and dark field microscopy, diffraction from selected and nano sized area and diffraction in focused beam as well as the experimental laboratory for Holographic Recording.

We would like to express our special appreciation and thanks to assist. prof. Natalia  Berberova, PhD for inviting us and sharing her experience with our young physicists.

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