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School Trip: Tech Park

20 Oct 2021
Our students from grade 11 had the opportunity to become part of the event October ISLE at Sofia Tech Park.

The purpose of this visit was for the students to get acquainted with robotic surgery, which is the most modern and high-technology method of minimally invasive surgery. Robotic surgery is fast developing and for its 15-year history it has come to a new dimension.

There are six Da Vinci surgical systems installed in Bulgarian hospitals and in the country, there are 25 certified surgeons. In order to work with the Da Vinci Surgery medical doctors, need to be certified and undergo a 1,6-month training in one of the Europe based certifications centres.

Grade 11 “stepped into a surgeon's shoes” by exploring the DaVinci Xi system. They had many questions regarding its functions, what opportunities this gives to medicine and had the unique chance to try out the Da Vinci’s simulator and discover how the surgical performance is enhanced.

At the end there was a challenge between the students for the greatest score of the day on the da Vinci simulator.

The school trip was very enriching in many ways as it brought to their minds what the future looks like and our students demonstrated great communication skills.

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