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Presentation of a Trade Union

11 Dec 2020
Our special guest was Mr. Veselin Mitov, Confederate Secretary of the International Relations Department of KT Podkrepa, who explained the role of trade unions.

His presentation was a part of our Business Studies (IGCSE) and Business Management (IB DP) latest topics. Mr Mitov underlined the important role of trade unions in modern societies, their indisputable and significant role in the COVID-affected economies around the world.

Mr. Mitov began his presentation about the role of trade unions in modern societies with a  brief history of trade unions and particularly in Bulgaria. He focused on the rising need in the workforce to unite and earn better work conditions and thus the trade unions appeared. He shared some historical data and chronology. It appears first legal paid leaves were negotiated after the First World War. And the right to have a paid pension dates from nearly a century.

Some of our students asked questions about the affection of COVID in trade unions responsibilities and how the pandemic challenged the proffesional organisations to seek help for the most affected branches of the economy - tourism, hospitality management, transport.

Mr. Mitov defined trade union's mission as an organisation of the ordinary people and focused on their role to paying special attention to vulnerable groups in our society. According to his words every fifth emplyee in Bulgaria belongs toa trade union - 22% of the workforce in Bulgaria. Now they are trying to focus on young people and attract them to be mmebers of a trade union.

The overall role of trade unions is as a key player in the national industrial relations, said Mr. Mitov as well.

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