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IMYC Exit Point - Celebration

20 Novr 2020
Grade 7 students had their IMYC Exit Point presentations on 20th November. The topic was Celebration.

As it is clear from the title they had to gather more information, present it to their teachers and classmates and reflect on their understanding of the topic - different celebrations. Among their choices were Christmas, Hanukah, Gay Fawkes Day, etc.

Some of the presentations tried to answer the so important question - why is the celebration so important to us. And they focused on the moments that celebrations gather people together and a good reason to raise your spirit and celebrate.

The IMYC is our International Middle Years Curriculum for children aged 11 - 14 years old. It is used in over 140 schools in over 50 countries worldwide. The IMYC is a research-led, engaging curriculum and uses conceptual themes.

Students learning with the IMYC focus on a combination of academic, personal and international learning goals.

The structure of the IMYC curriculum is similar to the International Primary Curriculum (IPC), used in BSS Primary School, in that each unit commences with an Entry Point and ends with an Exit Point.

Students have to plan and organise their projects and set up learning goals. At the end of each topic they make presentations called Exit Points.

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