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School Trip: Robotic Surgery

02 Oct 2020
Grade 11 and 12 students experienced Robotic Surgery. They had the unique chance to perform with the Da Vinci simulator and feel like real surgeons. The Da Vinci robot is said to be the safest and least invasive option for surgery.

Robotic surgery is fast developing and for its 15-year history it has come to a new dimension. Mini-invasive Surgery is the future of medicine and our students had the unique chance to experience it live. It was quite interesting to those who intend to study medicine one day. 

There are six Da Vinci surgical systems installed in Bulgarian hospitals and in the country there are 25 certified surgeons. In order to work with the Da Vinci Surgery medical doctors, need to be certified and undergo a 1,6-month training in one of the Europe based certification centers.

The school trip was impressive and our Grade 11 and 12 IB learners had many questions regarding the instalment of the robot and its functions, about its application in medicine and in Bulgaria particularly. At the end of the demonstration they had an exclusive opportunity - to try the Da Vinci simulator and step into surgeon's shoes - or we should say "hands". And they discovered how the surgical performance is enhanced.

It was also demonstrated how exactly the surgery is happening and answers were given why this is the most technological method for surgery. It is applicable not only in general surgery, but in specific fields of gynaecology and urology. 

As a part of their IB education BSS students revealed the IB profile of a learner in practice. They demonstrated enquiry, knowledge, communication. The school trip was very enriching in many ways as it brought to their minds what the future looks like.


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