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IB DP Presentation

30 Sep 2020
International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme was presented today in front of Grade 11 parents and students.

An information was given on important matters such as what the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme is; how we prepare students for the 21st century; what the school expectations are.

At the beginning Mrs. Naomi van Wyngaarden underlined the massive success our graduates gained last year. BSS students scored considerably higher than world averages in the majority of subjects, out of 170,343 number of candidates in 2020.

100% of students gained the full IB Diploma, fulfilling all requirements.

Students scored 5 and above in English Language and Literature: 100%; Language B, French and Spanish, 100%; Mathematics 71%; Business and Management HL 100%;
Environmental Systems and Societies 86%; Biology 100%; Chemistry 100%; ITGS 67%; Visual Arts 100%.

Only 7% of candidates in the world scored 7 in a subject. We have 7s in English Language and Literature, Business and Management, ITGS, French, Spanish B and Spanish Ab initio.

This year’s Extended Essays, a 4000 word research project, were 100% A C grade with 57% of students scoring A, with one students Ana Marie Vasile scoring full marks for her essay on “Disruptive Innovations”. Only 7% of Group 3 students gained an A in Extended. At BSS 83% of our students scored an A.

Students and parents learnt more about the IB Learner Profile. We develop this profile through school events such as Science Fair, etc. And even more - our school facilities allow students to take learning in their own hands.

Mrs. Emilia Ilieva, our Academic Dean, revealed some important details of the IB DP putting emphasis on the balance of the programme that develops students in many different areas, not only academically.

The importance of CAS (Creativity, Activity and Service) and TOK (Theory of Knowledge) was underlined several times. And at the foundation of the programme is the international mindedness, which is one of BSS core values.

May 2022 is the official examination session

Throughout the whole year Internal Assessment is
conducted. Additional week at the start and end of Grade 11 for students to work on Internal Assessment without the pressure of lessons and homework. 

BSS Expectations

  • Deadlines to be promptly met; IB coordinator will be notified and academic probation can be given at any point;
  • Positive attitude and independent studying;
  • Attendance (5% only medical);
  • Participation in school life and events is expected;
  • Attendance to out of school day events and study days;
  • Uniforms are compulsory;
  • Mobile phones are a distraction and are not recommended.

More about the structure of the IB DP you can find here.

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