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Language Week

21 May 2019
The Department of Modern Foreign Languages at BSS organised a Language Week.

The Language Week is a regular event that takes place usually around 24th of May – the commemoration day to the deed of Saints Cyril and Methodius. Students from KS2 and KS3 participated in a variety of interesting activities and not only demonstrated their knowledge in a Modern Foreign Language they start to learn at the age of 8, but enjoyed the day and spent great time on stage and together with friends.

On both days – 21st and 22nd of May, there were performances of  fairy tales, short sketches, listening to the weather forecast in another MFL and guessing it, spelling correctly the colours in another language, writing of a short poem in another MFL by using a dictionary. During the celebration of Language Learning there also were different projects of Native speakers who study French as Native language.

You can find videos from the Language Week in our blog. More videos on Vimeo.

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