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Centaur and Kraken win in November - Primary 1

05 Novr 2020
Centaur and Kraken are the winning houses of the November Houses Competition in Primary 1.

This month's Houses competition was Halloweenish one as our Primary 1 students had their belated Halloween celebration along with the competition. And it was so much fun - they were all dressed up in thei scary and beautiful costumes and competed in a spooky and fairy style. There four different competitions - Art, Music, Countdown and Sports. 

From the Art competition where they had to paint a gradient, through the music contest, singin Halloween songs and the Countdown with all the brainiac questions, all the way to the sports competition - running with a spoon, balancing onions and jumping in a bag, our Primary 1 Halloween heroes did it very well.

And the first place was divided between Kraken and Centaur with 550 points. Third place was also for two of the houses - Dragon and Phoenix with 500 points each. It was a competitive Houses competition, demonstratiopn of our students' eagerness to win and to have fun.

Congratulations to the winners!

And the overall winner for the moment is the House of Kraken with 1300 points. Let's wait till the end of the school year and see who the final winner will be.


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