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Graduation Ceremony

19 Jun 2020
School Year 2019/2020 was officially closed with a nice ceremony first in our Kindergarten and then for the rest of the school in our Infant School building on 19th June.

"I have to thank you as parents for helping us but big "Thank you"to the teachers and the biggest "Thank you" goes to these little super heroes sitting here who really worked hard and they deserve everything they get today. I am incredibly proud to be here and see them getting their certificates but today I have the pleasure to give the golden certificates as well", said Mr. Matthew Osborn at the graduation ceremony at BSS Kindergarten. Our incredible superheroes received their certificates and embarked on a well-deserved summer holiday.

At the Infant School campus of BSS there were different ceremonies for the different Key Stages in order to avoid gathering of many people in one place. All our incredible students from Grade 1 and above received their certificates.

BSS Class of 2020 - International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme graduates, received their certificates.

Believing in you

Never stop believing in yourself,

when others  doubt - don't you!

Do what you lave to do,

no one knows better than you!

Life is too short to live others' dreams.

Follow your own dream,

push yourself to reach your goals 

and live the life you want to.

Trust your instincts , be true to yourself.

You know what is right for you.

Never give up or give in. 

Forget the words, I don't know how,

you can learn, you can research, you can do.

Your mind is powerful when you believe,

you will find a way, you won't waste a day. 

Persist and percevere, do not fear.

Believe if you believe in you,

because if you believe in you,

you will find dreams can come true.

May all your dreams turn into goals, 

believe in yourself and remember:

All of life is a choice. The decision is up to you!

Believe in yourself, dare to be whatever you want to be!"

This is the poem our Deputy Headteacher Mrs. Naomy van Wyngaarden addressed to our gradiuates with and congratulated them on their graduation.

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