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Languages Week - French

14 May 2020
During our Languages Week our students studying French as MFL demonstrated their language skills in various projects.

Students from Grade 3 made beautiful presentations about french food. You may find the presentations here.

Students from Grade 4 participated in an online languages game with their peers studying German and Spanish.

Students from Grades 5 and 6 made presentations about their home country. BSS is an international community of more than 40 nationalities.

Students from Grade 7 and 8 filmed different situations from our every day life. Amongst the topics were in a car, at the airport, etc. Some of them described their friends and classmates in the MFL they have been studying.

Students from upper grades - 9 - 12, filmed some interesting videos about their quarantine, explaining what they have been doing during the lockdown and online schooling.

All the projects are available on our Vimeo channel:



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