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First School Day: Important Information

08 Sep 2020
First Day of School for the school year 2020/2021 will be on 8th of September.

Our opening this year will be a little different to the past, as we have had to consider the unusual circumstances in which we all find ourselves. With this in mind the first day and the first Saturday have been adapted.

First Day (8 September 2020):

Main Building (Grades 4 – 12) at 21 Georgi Raichev str. – 8:45- 9:00 drop-off.

  • Parents do not come in.
  • Students go to the back of the school to meet their teachers.
  • Teachers will take them up to class.

Kindergarten (Pre-Nursery – Reception) at 18 Radi Radev str. – 9:00 drop-off.

  • Children are to be dropped off.
  • Parents do not come in.
  • Staff will take the children to their classes after they have all been assembled.

Primary 1 Building (Grades 1 – 3) at 1 Ekaterina Nencheva str. – 10:00.

  • Students are dropped off and parents are able to come in as well.
  • Ceremony at which a representative of the British Embassy will be present. 
  • Students will be collected by the teachers and taken to their classes.

School meals will be provided from the first school day for those requested the service.

Transportation service will be provided from the afternoon of the first school day for those requested the service (you will receive details by email). There will not be a morning transportation available on the first school day. It will start on 9th September /Wednesday/.

It is mandatory to all students to be will school uniforms. There are two types of uniforms:

Please, refer to our website about details and where you can buy the uniforms from - (bottom of the page);

Books, textbooks, notebooks, online resources, electronic devices, pens, pencils, etc., will be provided in the first two weeks of the school year, therefore we ask your patience on that matter.

You will receive a detailed email regarding all the measures and precautions that we undertook regarding the current situation.


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