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16 Mar 2020

ВъTeaching and learning is not necessarily happening in the classroom – sometimes it needs to go beyond. BSS students and teachers are already in an online learning environment due to the state of emergency announced by the Bulgarian parliament in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus Covid-19. 

BSS uses its own e-school platform for uploading the lessons and sending all the resources through this method. All of our students have their own iPads.
To conduct lessons we are using Zoom and the classes gather at the time of their real lessons. In order our pupils and teachers to have contact they are also using messaging and emails. For some subjects, such as Science, we are using educational websites to teach and enhance the lessons.
For pupils writing exams and tests, these are accessed through the system. Work is either scanned or photographed and sent back to the teachers. We are contacting students throughout the day to submit the exams. If work is not being done through the system we are informing parents and students.

By providing interesting projects and tasks to be done our teachers not only ensure the smooth teaching and learning process in an online environment but keep our students engaged and encourage their creativity.

Today, when over 850 million children and youth – roughly half of the world’s student population (announced by UNESCO), had to stay away from schools and universities due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are facing a challenge. We provided our students with digital learning environment and our parents are informed about every stage of the homeschooling. We receive many emails on a daily basis, expressing their gratitude.

We would like to thank our parents for their continued support and cooperation at a challenging time.


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