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03 Apr 2019
Centaur is the winner of the Houses Competition for Grades 3 to 12 in April.

The overall winner (Grades 3 - 12) of the Houses Competition in April is CENTAUR. They scored 650 points - from debates, academics, musical performance and sports. 

Second place goes to Kraken with overall score of 570 points.
Third place goes to the House of Phoenix - 555 points.
Forth place is for Dragons - their score for this term's competition is 530.

Additional points were given for individual achievements in different activities such as sports chalenge and international competitions.

Houses Competitions are a typical feature of British schools. The House system is about winning but it is also about people joining together, having fun and meeting a challenge. Students at BSS are divided into 4 Houses - Centaur, Dragon, Kraken and Phoenix. Once a pupil has been allocated to a house they stay with that house as they move up through the year groups.

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