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Give a Gift to a Child

16 Dec 2019

 “Give a Gift to a Child” 

Christmas is not only a celebration and a family holiday. It brings joy and happiness to all of us, but there are some people in the world that have a little or nothing, they are people in need and we should help them. It is the time of the year that we receive presents but we should also give and share.

At BSS we have always tried to help and often organize funds raising events (bake sales, competitions, bazaars, etc.). We support different charity initiatives and foundations.

This Winter Season we have a special mission - a charity initiative called "Give a Gift to a Child". Our students were given a name of a child from 2 orphanages with their age and gender. We collected over 150 rucksacks with presents for the children in need so that during the festive period they may have a nice surprise. Every student has filled a backpack with a reusable cup/bottle, a Bulgarian book, a small pack of sweets, some socks, a note from the child to the one he gives the present to.

On Monday, 16th December students, teachers and staff went to the orphanage Saint Nicholas in Novi Han and delivered packed food (given by parents from our school and we deeply appreciate their help). They also brought rucksacks and presents to the children living there.

The moment was so special. Our children found new friends in Novi Han.

On 18th of December, Wednesday a small group from our school departed for Yakimovo, Montana district with the same mission. They delivered the rest of the packed food and rucksacks.

We would like to thank all of our students and their parents who took part in this initiative! It is the season of Good Will and we appreciate your contribution to our mission!

Special thanks to the parents that helped us in our trip in Montana - Mrs. Radiana Droumeva, Mr. Emanuele Mioni and Mr. Ivan Pinalov.

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