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IB Diploma Programme Presentation

01 Oct 2019
Information session about the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB DP) took place in BSS’s new building.

During the session essential documents and key IB concepts were shared with the students from Grade 11 and their parents. Mrs. Naomi van Wyngaarden, Deputy Head teacher and IB coordinator explained briefly the core information about the programme.

 BSS is one of the only 2 schools in Bulgaria that offers Visual Arts and the only IB school to offer both Computer Science and ITGS in the country.

The range of subjects that we offer is very wide. We have been offering the IB DP for 3 years and now we offer more subjects than most IB schools in Bulgaria.

All of our teachers are being IB trained all the time in internationally approved trainings.

CAS – Creativity, Activity and Service, is one of the 3 core subjects that every student must complete to pass the DP. It involves a range of activities that students must undertake alongside their academic studies. Each of the activities requires at least 30 hours involvement.

“CAS is very challenging because it is not easy to balance school life and social life and it helps you on a personal level – you develop skills that would be crucial after completing school. I became a better risk-taker, a better communicator and overall it made me a better person and I am thankful for that” , said one of our 12-graders during the presentation – Ana Vasile.

Every year we try to expand and make a bigger impact through our CAS programme, explained Mrs. Naomi van Wyngaarden. This year we are going to focus on sustainable goals, agreed by United Nations. Our students will make a project linked with some of the goals to raise awareness on these problems concerning the global community.

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