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Houses Competition - STEM

26 Novr 2020
This month the four Houses of BSS - Kraken, Centaur, Phoenix and Dragon, competed in the fields of STEM - Maths, Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Technology.

The overall winner at school - main building, is the House of Kraken with 100 points. Second place goes to the House of Phoenix with 75 points, third place is for Dragons - 50 points, and the fourth place goes to Centaur with 25 points.

 STEM Houses Competition was quite challenging and extremely interesting for all. The four Houses competed in the fields of Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Technology. Every team had exactly 7 minutes to go all through the five dedicated stations and to resolve the problem in different STEM discipline.

Students were divided into 2 divisions - Grades 4-7 and Grades 8 - 12. Both divisions competed simultaneously.

 Houses Competitions unite students of different age; pupils feel a part of a smaller community within the bigger one; students pursue a goal and collaborate with teammates; they are also encouraged to compete in the fields they are good at.

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